Ma Deva Pyari is a multi-dimensional artist!


She writes, paints, composes, sings and plays guitar. Besides all this, she received, in 1986, from the spiritual Master whom we call Osho, the name for the Osho Mani center for arts & Meditation, which she directs, together with Swami Anand Avinash, and which, besides teaching Meditation, promotes mystical creativity through dance and theater performances, the band "Pyari and the Colorful Condoms" shows, Vernissages, workshops on Tantra, on Pyari`s astrological body-work Corpoterapia©, on Shiatsu massage and on macrobiotic.


Pyari has studied Pedagogy and English. And she is bachelor in Communication Sciences.


She gave natural birth to two children in nature, is Osho's sannyasin since 1980, has travelled a lot, lived in many communes and cities around the world - and since 2003, still with Avinash, in a forest, 30 km south of Hamburg, in a place called Rosegarden.


From Pyari's published books, the last two ones have been translated into english - "Satisfaction" (Title in german: "Tantrisches Leben", by Heyne Verlag) and "Sex, tantra and transcendence" (Title in german: "Sex, Ecstase und Transcendence", by Ullstein/Allegria Verlag) and can be ordered as e.books, at Amazon or directly here by us - as PDF, Mobi or Epub.


You may also order here the two CDs cointaining the dance meditation created by Pyari: "The cosmic dancer´s meditation" - with "her" instructions in english. They are as well available with "her" leading voice in german or in portuguese.


facebook: madevapyari


At  the  moment, Pyari and Avinash are ready for a new change: they are looking for a new location for the Osho Mani - their connection to "their" spiritual master Osho. It is too small here!


And the land they bought in Brazil in 1994, in order to build a commune, is now available for selling or exchanging - for something in Europe and where they want to build a place where more people can live together.

Take a look at the site:


Pyari has also inherited an apartment very near the beach Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which she wants as well to sell or exchange for some property in Germany or Europe. Meanwhile you can also rent it for  enjoying a nice holiday on the beach. And the flat has a nice view to the beach from the three windows.

The flat's site is:




And anyone who knows anything which could match this wish, please, get in contact with us!