Osho Mani

center for arts and meditation


The  Osho Mani  is a small meditation center in a forest, 30 km south of Hamburg, in a place called Garden of roses (Rosengarten). It offers Osho's meditations, Osho's discourses, the 5 Tibetans and Yoga - daily and on a personal need feature.


Besides that, we produce Dance, Theater and Music events, as well as Vernissages, Workshops and Pyari's sessions on: Tantra, tarot, astrology, body-work, holistic therapy and healing, nutrition and relationships counselling - also for parents and children.  


The Osho Mani offers, as well, workers programm, silent retreats, overnights and macrobiotic lunch and dinner, upon request.





Pyari's 43 years as a mother - and offers:

on thursday, the second of march, 2017

8:30 pm: Osho Nataraj meditation

                 dancing and relaxing

                 with Goa Trance music


10:30: Music Group

            singing and dancing together

        and on tuesday, the 21st of march

            Osho's Enlightment Day


at 8:30 PM: Osho Nataraj Meditation from Poona I

                      dancing and relaxing


at 22:30 PM: Music Group

                                                                                                                           singing and dancing together



Pyari celebrates 37 years as a sannyasin with a Music Group:

Thursday, 9th of february, 2017
8 pm: singing and dancing together


Friday, 10th of february

8 pm: Osho Nataraj Meditation    

             dancing and relaxing


Saturday, 11th of february
2 pm: Osho Dynamic Meditation 

           katharsis and dance
5 pm: lecture: why isn´t vegan the best option?
8 pm: Nataraj Meditation with Goa Trance Music


Sunday, 12th of february
Pyari and Avinash celebrate 32 years together on the path of love with:

at 2 pm: Osho Dynamic Meditation
at 5 pm: lecture: Neptun bach on his thrown after 160 years again.

                             This can happen to us just once in a lifetime!

                                   If it at all does!!

                               And what does it actually mean?


at 8 pm: Tantric Meditation from the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra
                                                            with or without a partner
                                                            silence and awareness


Makrobiotic meals - prepared by  Pyari - during the whole camp.


There are beautiful hotels nearby and we offer shuttle service from Klecken: the last station for Hamburg Grossbereich HVV ticket.


More information and booking: 0049.(0)4108.417751

or whatsapp: +49.(0)179.1413304

Body and Soul


Consisting of meditation tecniques created by OSHO, and some developed by His disciple Ma Deva Pyari - teacher, journalist, writer, artist and sannyasin since 36 years - this happening creates a practical context of experiences, aiming accepting the body as "our" home, freeing it from conditionnings and , therefore, discovering new dimensions of reality, which, ultimately ,takes us to the immortal part of us - the asleep Buddha in each of us.

  november 26 , 2016: 4 pm to 10 pm

at Osho Sukul Meditation Center: Ronaldo de Carvalho street, 55 apt 202, Lido square,

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Osho Mani


will be in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, till  december 2016, offering 5 Tibetans, Yoga and  Tantra, daily on the beach - besides Osho meditations.


The Osho Sukul is also around the corner, offering Osho Kundalini Meditation twice a week and Evening Satsang (White Robe) every sunday evening.


We have accomodations with beach view, but limited places, so, book quickly!

And we can organize your flight to Rio as well.


Center for Arts and Meditation

celebrates 30 years of existence


friday, the 23rd of september 2016

 5 pm: Osho Kundalini Meditation

 7 pm: White Robe Brotherhood Meditation

    with Live Music and Osho video  discourse

 9 pm: Makrobiotic Dinner

saturday, 24th of september 2016

 11 am: Osho Dynamic Meditation

 2 pm: The Crystal Man - Bodywork workshop (Neo Tantra) with Ma Deva Pyari


George Gurdjeff used to say that we need an integration  of all our parts and dimensions, what he and Osho call crystallization.

More on this  subject in the Menu at Neo Tantra - Corpoterapia.


7 pm: White Robe Brotherhood Meditation

9 pm: Sannyas Celebration

9:30 pm: Makrobiotic Dinner

10 pm: Music Group at campfire and afterwards: Party

                                                          with Goa Trance Music


you can also booked anything separately,

but you may come as well  just for listening to an Osho discourse, alone, or for taking a walk in the forrest


Overnight in Trailers, tents or hotels in the neighborhood, which we can organize for you, too


   Shuttle Service from and to the nearest train station: Klecken, in Iddensen, Seevetal 

30 km south of Hamburg - Grossbereich HVV Hamburg

nearest airport is Hamburg - Shuttle Service from and to the airport also available


And we need urgently helpers - to organize and prepare these events!

Get in touch through: madevapyari@yahoo.com


Center for Arts and Meditation


was born in 1986, on the 23rd of September,  when the spiritual Master, whom we call Osho, signed a letter in Pune, transforming  what at  the time was being called „Lotus Paradise“ into one of “His” meditation centers. The „Lotus Paradise“ was organizing Pyari’s workshops and individual sessions on body awareness, Tantra, Shiatsu, creativity, holistic therapy and healing.


Upon receiving this letter from Osho’s secretary at the time, Ma Prem Hasya, Pyari and Avinash were taken by surprise, but were delighted to be „working“ again in Osho’s name. Pyari’s groups, based on Osho’s meditations, were already being offered  since 1980, when she opened the first Osho meditation center in  Rio de Janeiro  (the  Shunnyan Institute), right after taking sannyas - which means becoming a disciple.


In 1982 she went with her two small children to S.Francisco,  in order to live near the Master. She „worked“ in  Rajneeshpuram,  Osho’s international commune in Oregon, where He lived at the time, came  to  Germany  in  august to join the Sneha, a sannyas commune in Margarethenried, Bavaria, and in december, at the Mukta RMC,  the Osho  commune in Stuttgart, where she was then leading "her" workshop „Carnival in the stars”, she met Avinash, with whom she lives up to now.


In 1985 Pyari and Avinash joined the Osho’s International commune again. Pyari’s kids went  to  the Rajneesh School in England and they were sent to Hamburg, north of Germany. When Osho was arrested, the  commune fell apart and Osho went back to India, shortly after a disgusting world tour - when no government was ready to go against the USA's and give Him a Visa. Pyari and Avinash opened then the “Lotus Paradise” in Hamburg.


And since 1986, the Osho Mani has been, internationaly, offering courses on meditation - including at Universities -, art expositions, concerts, dance and theater performances, readings, as well as Pyari’s workshops on Corpoterapia©, Tantra Yoga,  Natural Healing, Macrobiotic Vegetarian Culinary, tantric Shiatsu Massage, dance and theater.


The Osho Mani has functioned in Hamburg till 1998, then it moved to Bavaria for  two years, came back to Hamburg, and in 2003 moved to Seevetal, 30 km south of Hamburg.


At  the  moment, Pyari and Avinash are ready for a new change: they are looking for a new location for the Osho Mani - their connection to "their" spiritual master Osho. It is too small here!

And the land they bought in Brazil in 1994, in order to build a commune, is now available for exchanging for something in Europe - and where we want to build a place where more people can live together.

Take a look at the site:



Pyari has also inherited an apartment in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which she wants to exchange for some property in Germany or Europe as well. The flat's site is:


http.//flatin Rio.jimdo.com


And anyone who knows anything which could match this wish, please, get in contact with us!


Pyari and Avinash are also available for giving workshops, courses, trainings, individual sessions, at any place around the world, as well as performances, music  shows,  readings and art expositions.


For getting in contact with the Osho Mani, write to:



or call: 0049.(0)4108.417751

handy 0049.0176.844.01.898

whatsapp: 0049.0179.1413304