Gurupurnima Celebration

July 13 to 16, 2019

at the Osho Mani Center for arts and meditation


Every year, on the full Moon night of July,  all ashrams in India and every seeker of truth celebrate Gurupurnima, the most important spiritual day in the history of human consciousness!


Gurupurnima is the day of the Guru, people celebrate on this day those few ones who have discovered their full potential as human beings and whom we call the awakened ones. And those of them who are still visiting the planet, say that the Energy which is available on this full Moon night "can"  be used for realizing this same state.

All Masters have said that the full Moon energy supports awakening. Buddha and many other spiritual Masters have been awakened in a full Moon night. But why is Gurupurnima celebrated on the full Moon night of July?

The white Robe Brotherhood Meditation
The white Robe Brotherhood Meditation

This is because the full Moon in July happens when the Moon, in its movement around the Earth, is in the astrological sign of Capricorn, which is the part of the Cosmos supporting the work on the material level, on the earth itself, on the fields, on the process of Meditation, aloneness and discipline itself, on whatsoever level. Hence, on this full Moon in Capricorn is the possibility of awakening much higher, as the whole Cosmos support it!


 Osho has got enlightened in a full Moon night. And on that day the sun as well was at an important point of its fictitious movement around its system: it was the beginning of the astronomic year of 1953, the 21th of March - while many seekers were waiting for the Avatar of  the Age of Aquarius, who was supposed to come around this time, when the movement of the planet had reached a certain point, which, according to Astrology, began the Aquarian Age.

While Osho was visiting the planet, his sannyasins have always celebrate Gurupurnima.

The festivals in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, from 1982 to 1985, happened during Gurupurnima too.

Purnima means abundance, completion, totality, but most of all it means full Moon, full Moon celebration, and we invite you to enjoy Gurupurnima this year with us, with music, dance, fire and meditation.

Come, to get enlightened with us, to recognize the Buddha in you!

Osho giving Darshan in "His" ashram in Poona, 1980
Osho giving Darshan in "His" ashram in Poona, 1980

The Program:

Saturday, July 13

8 PM - Kirtan

9 PM - Party with Goa Trance Music

Sunday, July 14

3 Pm to 7 Pm - "The Cristal Man",         

                             Corpoterapia Workshop

                             with Ma Deva Pyari

9 PM - Kirtan by the fire outside

Monday, July 15

11 AM - Dynamic Meditation

4:15 PM - Kundalini Meditation

7 PM - Kirtan in nature by the fire

Tuesday, July 16

7 PM - White Robe Brotherhood Meditation:

9:30 PM - Gurupurnima Celebration with Live Music

Osho with sannyasins in Greece, 1986
Osho with sannyasins in Greece, 1986

Every part of the program can be separatedly booked and or you may also just come to hear or watch an Osho discourse, or for doing some Yoga or the 5 tibetans rites with Pyari, or even just for a cup of coffee, for a meal cooked by Pyari, or for simply going for a walk in the forest around us here.


There is enough place to camp in wild nature here and a few places on a trailler. But there are very nice hotels around us, some at a walking distance too and at reasonable prices as well.


Meals , cooked by the Zen cooker Pyari, can be order at wish: macrobiotic, vegetarian or vegan.

Osho with His disciples, in the seventies
Osho with His disciples, in the seventies


We offer Shuttle service from or to the Hamburg airport, bus station and train, as well as to and from the nearest subway station: Klecken, 25 minutes from Hamburg and the second stop after Harburg.

Tickets for the "big Hamburg zone" applies to us here.


The Osho Mani is located in Iddensen, Seevetal, 30 km south of Hamburg, north of Germany.


But we still need helpers to support us organizing this event!


Booking at:

or whatsapp: 0049.176.84401898


"Many people have been awakened in a full Moon night, more than in any other night. Mahavira is the only exception. He got enlightened in a New Moon night. Gautam Buddha was born in a full Moon night, got enlightened in a full Moon night and died in a full Moon night. He is the perfect example of the hypnotising effect of the Moon. In full Moon nights more people get mad - this is already statistically proved - and more people commit suicide in a full Moon night. In a certain way, the full moon bring the people's mind into dimensions  which are beyond understanding."


(Osho, in "The great pilgrimage: from here to here.")

Avinash and Pyari in the Osho Mani garden
Avinash and Pyari in the Osho Mani garden

At the  moment, Pyari and Avinash are ready for a new change, as they are looking for a new location for the Osho Mani - their connection to "their" spiritual master Osho. It is too small here!


So, the land they bought in Brazil in 1994, in order to build a commune, is now available for exchanging for something in Europe - and where they want to expand the Osho Mani, creating space for more people to live together.


Take a look at the site:

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro
Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro


Pyari has also inherited an apartment at the beach, in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which she wants to sell as well, or exchange for some property in Germany or Europe. The flat's site is:




And anyone who knows anything which could match this wish, please, get in contact with us!

Sign to us, in winter
Sign to us, in winter


Five tibetans, Yoga, tantra, Osho's Meditations and Discourses, besides Sessions with Pyari, on different subjects


daily at the Osho Mani Center

for arts and meditation





"Last night someone asked me, 'What is Satsang?' I told him: 'Satsang means being in the company of one's self. The truth is not to be found outside. No teacher, no scripture can give it to you. It is inside you and if you wish to attain it, seek your own company. Be with yourself. But we are in the company of everyone and anyone, except your own'".




(Photo from Osho in Rajneeshpuran, Oregon, USA, 1983)